Tuesday, November 7, 2023

#1406 - just one word





just one word


it came back


and in no time


found us where we were needed


words do require us

each is a kind of habitation

and they congregate as well

they’re human

and yet

have you ever come under

the spell of one word?


some think they’re really someone

mostly though…


doesn’t every sign make some sound?


grit and gist


in the word a picture

in the picture – time


imagine the first of all

spoken and gone


we are not going to get that back in a hurry


but it’s like that with every word


conditions must be right

are you listening?


there are all sorts



a word under cover

spoken against

 in a hot moment


a quick word

nothing really meant


a word by the way

the odd instruction


opus set off


one word oeuvre


one word leads to another

to thing


there’s the frame again

conversation consisting of words

you could say

or come about by song


and all of them under the sentence of breath

doomed as each is to expire


each word with

its own relentless truth

fierce, abandoned

as any

and duty bound


think one of them fighting words

loose like the canon

and some reprise


yes, they must be thought

no accidents there


speech parts with us all


think of a word from one to ten

and that’s how long you’ve got


such word a trick of whimsy

one to shape the mouth


often forgotten

but tip of the tongue


they ask me what language that is

I have to admit –

make it up on demand


you just have to say the word

Friday, August 25, 2023

in order to be taken for granted


in order to be taken for granted


do things for people

assume nothing in return


be reliable

don’t be the squeaky wheel


be the busiest one in the room

do all that you say will do


on time, efficiently, well


be tireless at your business


in order to not be noticed

head down, just do your job

draw no more than necessary attention


show care


take into consideration


be open

confide as required

(‘need to know’, I mean)


be realistic, accept the facts


all differences worth making

must be incremental


try to limit pity for self


never mind talking just to you though

go with the flow

suffer fools too


never expect too much

neither make demands


but see your way

by halo light


rectify gently

where possible

remain anonymous

the harder they come…’

and so on


let virtue be its own reward

then you’ll be half way there


if you want to be part of the furniture

this is just how it goes 


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Jeffree Skewes #141 Down is up again


in alignment we speak and clearly see
sunset harps go with drums so nicely

words used to describe the present aires
are plucked like peaches restart their journeys now
with only one aim our senses heightened we call it art

no one knows why this is so
it's rhyme or reason a feather
only the sky and everything is pleine
a magic kind of bing perceived somehow

there are no jobs or places to be
future's another town the past went by
here the band prepares just by om-ing
perhaps that's nothing special after all
we saw it all before the forgetting

yet no other deity stood so long
or still took breaths away this way
so let's wish upon this Eve's trilogy
Saturn     Jupiter    Venus
crescent Moon on indigo sky
the Sun setting recounts the time 

we're always in

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Short poems written on two collages

une usure fertile

la profusion crépusculaire

dans les vastes étendues s’affaire

jusqu’à polir des joyaux

bijoux du temps

déposés sur la friche

a fertile wearing off

the twilight profusion

busies itself in vast spaces

till it polishes gems

time jewels

laid down on fallow field


fenêtre sur un lac intérieur

plongée verticale sur un champ de vue

lumière profondément

intensément étale

Narcisse dans un coin de mémoire

soi au milieu du miroir

a window on an inner lake

vertical swoop on a field of vision

the light profoundly

intensely still

Narcissus in a corner of memory

the self in the middle of the mirror

et si           au-devant des yeux

se tenait la matière du regard

on n’y voit plus d’horizon

l’intemporel y flotte

aussi limpide qu’une eau

inondée de lumière

what about       having ahead of eyes

the gaze-matter

one doesn’t see the horizon anymore

timelessness is floating there

as crystal-clear as water

flooded with light

au creux des nuages

que l’éclaircie déchire

bien au-dessus de soi

où l’on place le rêve

au-delà de ses paysages

les métamorphoses

in a hollow of clouds

shredded by a sunny spell

far higher than yourself

where dream is placed

beyond its landscapes