Sunday, December 1, 2019

Jeffree Skewes #141 Down is up again


in alignment we speak and clearly see
sunset harps go with drums so nicely

words used to describe the present aires
are plucked like peaches restart their journeys now
with only one aim our senses heightened we call it art

no one knows why this is so
it's rhyme or reason a feather
only the sky and everything is pleine
a magic kind of bing perceived somehow

there are no jobs places to be
future's another town the past went by
here the band prepares by om-ing
perhaps that's nothing special
we saw it all before the forgetting

yet no other deity stood so long
still took breaths away
so let's wish upon this Eve's trilogy
Saturn Jupiter Venus
crescent Moon on indigo sky the Sun setting
recounts the time we're always in


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