Thursday, July 5, 2018

ARP pre-emptive text poem #1: The Future of The Day

On the street from the future, so to speak.
Morsels like the Siege of Stalingrad.
Depoliticisation is impossible
to get the chance to win the game.

This is a poor European style Japonisme
going to be a good thing.

I went to the local post office,
and I agree in the spirit of Robert Anton Wilson,
and I agree in the spirit of the dungeon.
Freedom is not far from the future of the day.

Account details are below.

Please note, the past, but the rep.
I am a beautiful day, but the rep.

The state mental and I have to see
their website and the other side
of a new York. .
Gulf Coast of the self in uncertainty?

I'm sure you are a superstar.
The pencil? If you have
any other information about
your experience with this,

I am a writer and researcher
at least one of youse musta
been able to make a normative concern.

The only thing is to have a good singing,
but the twist to this gadget is that
they might still mandatorily require
NSW doctor libation, and

I agree in the spirit of the dungeon quietly
and keep the rabid in a couple of times
recently with the new piece of writing
a letter of the day though

getting plenty to the touch screen
and I pressed to the world
but something in the private message to you
by chance to talk about the benzos


  1. This is very strange and very wonderful, Ariel. A lot to ponder in this power. Cheers.

  2. Great to see your work here Ariel, looking forward to more.

  3. that Di Azapam is a snoozy chick
    calm as a cucumber
    just in the nick
    of rhyme


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