Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 478 when here's the splendour of a whipping grassland

gum tree   by the dry powdery turn    a long-left hander
near  that old farm house you love so much   where dipshit
lost control of the car    and ripped the face off  spuddo
hard to believe   she went back for more    had those
snot-poor kids  a drear life    hauled through   all that shame

when here’s the splendour   of a whipping grassland

all the sky   a host to clouds like ships in sail    the ditch
a brown gulch of china bells    and cowslip   sung by
bees   larks  kookaburra cackle with  mopokes      the dust
flying out    rich as  cacao nibs    not much change for that
from   wages at that piggery     the waste

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