Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 479 - when all parts come together play (for the Dainghadi women)

for the Dainghadi women

one and   now the next flame    lights     in the bright glass  steeples
of the votives    the room   relaxed    the smell    of warming wax
rolls across   steeps into woolen blankets   like tisane and spice 
it has been a long time   since candles   formed the base of any kind
of worship    love or otherwise     an underlining structure 

 when all parts come together   play 

element  of us  all    the basil the tomato of us      the laughing 
 touch of children  after decades   us   powerhouse   the women
of our place   tending to  what  needs concern us   we stretch 
we heal  recoup  the   corners   of our might    sing out a song
speak  in  blood     below the senses      call


  1. dear Kerri
    you fit the parts together
    so well

    1. thank you Robbie, I am working that extra bit harder lately.I have you lot to catch up with, don't you know. x

  2. there is a kind of I Ching-ish advisory/speculative/prophetic thing here

    the hexagram elevensy ?

  3. Oh I am glad, it was meant to come out that way. Let's sub-genre the hell out of it.


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