Monday, July 2, 2018

Kit Kelen #914 - glass poem

glass poem 

at every knock you think will shatter
or open for a breeze

clear up for eternity
and sails in its own bottle

how often the eyes have been window

slippers of these as well

between the pages of it
formaldehyde and aspic

an invisible man wore this

it's in a museum
past more of the same
clouds with the out-of-context

or interstellar, in suspension
read this you otherworldly thing

here we are in such a wall of bricks

our silica tears
the pure stuff

and then a ripple
drink from it

you'll ring like a bell just then
(has pitch at a certain vibration
and so say we all)

sometimes a bird tells through
or biblical

swallow it ground with mince
and know the agonies of the eaten

a half year swimming in the poem
sometimes in a raindrop see
dance crystal of necessity

works survive this visible flow
centuries are there

ice sherds of Christmas hung to shine

pond patched see up from under
storm is nothing to us here

this is your jar in Tennessee

through darkly
glass questions float in the sky

still somehow a light shone in
the whole house powered up

a smoky smear of it, as ages

and under, come steaming
fogged spectacle
you'd never know
just when
the poem is served

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