Friday, May 24, 2019

Rob Schackne #954 - "A sign, a sigh, a sigil"

A sign, a sigh, a sigil
birds drop their twigs
what went before
absolutely conceived
what will come after
you listen to the music
turn and kiss her
something in the air
you don't quite see it
car was careless, a death

Kit Kelen #1239 - fault my logic - a dare

fault my logic
a dare
(notes for a novel)

the last democracy
our island

how they flock
pass go

read my lips
make my day

we really are the best
but there are doubters, even here

we scoff
we laugh to scorn

so many come
we must be cruel
isn’t this island just for us?
if not we’re gone as well
then where on earth will we go?

I love your skin
and long to get in
all my friends are here

some are furry
some are bald

aren’t we pure and true?
aren’t we just the best in the world?
won’t you sing with me?

some shave
and some let go

before the cock crows three times
it’s not what you believe
it’s what they ask me

come to the well
let’s argue
whose water (?)
just for instance

how good we are
how kind
and counting
puzzle it up with
numbers just

eternity itself
bears witness

they pass go
and we collect

it was then we found
the hair on the soap
somebody would pay

ark and dove
all girt by

there is the shame of we
an oddity of socks

the wall
press up
snout close

come to the end of the world

here’s the shadow waltz we are

a game show!
you’ll never find me
best in the world

are we progressing?
we are more!
can’t see for smoke

please hold my lump

let sniff
love ordure
for its sign of life

are you on fire as well?
and what’s a bear to do?

you think I’m doing nothing
when all along I’m here  

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Rob Schackne #953 - "Through rain"

     Through rain
     through smoke
     through meat

     bizarro to grueso
     outside looks in

     shudder a minute
     cartoons crash
     wings trill up
     sleep awhile
     why not listen
     what in the world
     get out of there
     get out now
     good night

Kit Kelen #1238 - go to ground

go to ground

I am crumbling
I rot, rust
I am a hundred years in these clothes

the work is unpaid because we believe

some pages are ugly but we will forget
because it is love

days numbered

talk yourself into things
talk yourself out

these wings all where I’m buried
tomb it too
I unscrew my head

everything of me seems fated
that’s how it is with the past
because we believe in it

come crisp in the fire
and bright the words
they were hard

lay down
stretch out

be tree
to rise

I must be
at the beginning

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Rob Schackne #952 - "Silent becomes"


                 Silent becomes
                 ever more silent
                 if that were even

                 possible since 
                 the suspension of
                 jesus say anything
                 it used to be right here
                 (we'll need another round
                 before this one's over)
                 and as far as
                 forgetting goes
                 less is simply less
                 and less again
                 until one morning
                 you open the paper
                 and read it's still there

Kit Kelen #1237 - mumbrella


raining here a world away
now I’m using the mumbrella

falling apart thing
bits coming off
a little shaky
bent in the spokes

a study in the persistence of things
that one day too are gone
we declare them

but for the present
still damp
folding down

same world after all

and under the weather

Kerri Shying R # 626 - Tamworth boar

Tamworth boar photographed by Andrew Ferris

Tamworth Boar

shines gold as a new Krugerrand
fast  and bossy in the paddock
don’t under estimate a  ranga
up the country

small eyes missing
nothing     ears up
tail   limp still   he’s got
the females covered

best hoof forward
long nose
purebred   in the air

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kit Kelen #1237 - to sneeze at

to sneeze at

we don’t make sense to anyone
no one understands

louder? do you think that would do it?

read an election
it’s what we are

bless the cotton in their socks
don’t get it?

I was across the thing
drilled down too
wore a hard-hat
I was hi-vis

had a dark hour with your fear
got over it

better to be afraid of a lie

I spit on the nothing they offer
what good?

am I less than the difference?

tune back to sphere for music

thought I made sense
thought there was a plan

I thought I was on message
had a topic sentence too

bend back and row
I know we will come
to the light on the hill

that’s the religion of a thing

been worried about this for some time
and wonder what I mean

Kerri Shying R # 625 - Duroc sow

sow photographed by Andrew Perris

Duroc sow

I see you running
at my side like a little
dog that grin slashed up
hoping  maybe a stick    do
curly tails wag    anything
to comply   the round mould
of your back
a rest for the outdoor
reader     legs equal stanchions and
everything pointing
let evolution
cure the nose alone

Monday, May 20, 2019

Kit Kelen #1236 - two post election pieces

close my eyes

day not to hear the world

where are we?
are you in my dark now?

are we forgetting?
seems as if we’re seeing

fake light
fake sun
fake rain as well

things are the wrong temperature, season

I dreamt that the nightmare was ending
dreamt light, open cut
going deeper for more

they say to shine a light on
not today, thank you

everything’s too bright now

I’m staying under the covers
I have such a head

lump of coal
for a sun
will it glow again?

I growl, I sneer, I pace the cage

dig into the page for words

I know a place
the world still turns
glade loud with hives
a hum of flowers

eternal spring!
where hope hangs ripe
on the vine
from the trees
where fenceless creatures cross

I’m going back to the dream now
you were all so lovely in there

authority of winning

a barque so rotten
the rats instinctively have quit it

there was a full moon
madness continues

most vacuous of all
smug grin

they said there was a hand in my pocket
they’ve taken it off
never felt a thing

keep stoking
there’s plenty of coal

the ship of state steams on 

Rob Schackne #951 - "There is poor"

There is poor
between sub-fields
whatever they're selling
today the crested pigeon
(you choose the bird)
love and hope
hope and trust
trust and faith
father why so weaponised
hard to know
how far it goes
who is listening

Kerri Shying R - # 624 - Large Black Sow

Large Black Sow

pigs    look like torpedos
burrow to the centre
spades on legs   they take
the zinnias by force

beneath the belly fat
forced for bacon
the musculature of hounds

running   from our
homogenous  economy
to the bluebell spring

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Kit Kelen #1235 - dark ages continue

dark ages continue

everyone could have been wrong
                   had to be

a vote for hate
is a vote for spite
is a vote for greed of course

they’ve done it again
would rather give in

I vote for myself, don’t you?

see the world can be so much better
never enough to have dreamed

the horse is on course

once more
into the breach!

so it must always be
it has been done
no one will know it was me

breathe in!
breathe it all out!

somebody loses
when there’s a sausage
unless of course…

you see the how world can be  
never enough to have dreamed it so

we’re raw
were once a commonwealth
looked out for you
looked out for me

let’s dig up some more for a buck
and burn a bit as well
we each burn more than anyone
but let’s not tell the truth

they have done it again
I blame John
he made the meanness
signature of sorts

and we will lock them up on an island
who come to us for hope

now how will we manage with the disease?
live the fullest lives?

just have to make the country ourselves
for a hobby, in spare time

friends, here’s how it was
yesterday, came out to cast their dark

the truth has
shall we say
it’s gone badly

at the national barbeque
burnt my sausage
would rather have smoke
than get the flame right

and here, another lump of coal?
knock down the poppies before they get tall

this is Evil Greed, our leader
note the dark cape, blue tie
one of the Inevitables
our sort of super hero

his the big nothing
that’s what we get

magician’s defiance!
and the blackguard
good for another go round
tears the dagger from his breast to dance
on the graves of the good and the great

who has the heart to go on?
who is heartless enough to abandon?

a vote for hate
is a vote for spite
is a vote for greed of course

shake it in the little box

what will it take to come to our senses?

dark ages continue
barbarians are ear to ear
with  can we call it pride?  

once I grew so fat
on a promise

age of meanness
age of spite
thugs will always rule

no, I will never believe that!
go back to my quiet corner to hope

but they’ve done it again
ignored best advice

all done facelessly
so it must be

would rather have idiots running the place
would rather give in to lies
burn the sausage

I blame little Johnny
their deity  the toga boy
how dark will you make our hearts today?
how little can we care?

everyone was wrong about
just how far can you not-think?
well… further than we thought

here’s codger clinging
to his raft, hers
it’s secret

suddenly there’s ‘housie!’
no one’s touching mine
no youngster’s getting their own either
money in the bank!

the knife in the back
it’s faceless, how else?

we go back to the unthinkable
now let’s at it tooth and claw
we’re raw with it yet

the vote for hate
was a vote for spite
was a vote for greed of course

how are minds made up?
and what will it take?
and haven’t we been here before?

the action breaks in

truth for a looming threat

live the difference
is what we must
be the common wealth ourselves

they only wish to be left to their dinner
which is the rest of us of course
those who have no human voice
and hope to pass it on
you coming to your voices now
please will you witness what we are

throw up hands in disbelief
can’t help it
but that way how far do we get?

you need not be
what we’ve become

everyone could have been wrong
                   had to be

run out of cheeks to turn yet again

breathe in!
breathe it all out!

despite the governments
vox pops
baser instincts
played to, won

there’s so much better we can do

seas rise
we’re going down
don’t have to drown without a fight
be the change!
live the difference!

we must be the roar!