Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kit Kelen #1333 - among the wonders

among the wonders

for godsbother / ataraxia

where I am
this most of all
a moment just

I wear my bear suit
und unravel
everyone has a laugh

I witness
any face at all

to wonder is to work the thing
with question and with doubt

clouded only in one’s breath
taken at one’s word

because there are windows
we come through doors

a season does

there’s nothing not
though often seems
hypothesis to test

sometimes one goes under
that may be a truth too
there’s no endlessness to us

balance, all afoot, alive

always one asks
how does the bird do it?
world, go round?
how do I stand on these feet?

years to here
and still to come
forest all leaves up

you wonder if…  
that’s to begin

the miracle of seeing it
the beauty in the visible

before that though you were
little wonder, I mean

from an amazement of pleasure we’ve come
it’s too much information

to hear the tune all said
to judge against the fears
all well

one wanders ever from a theme

to look for the light and go on

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kerri Shying R # 657 - Sir David Longlands

Sir David Longlands

to learn your local
language    recite

the places
of incarceration

find the supermax
Katingal   Jika Jika

places of detention for the child
 Worimi childrens' court    now

many thanks

our wars loiter
in plain sight

Rob Schackne #988 - "Wonder world" (4)

Wonder world
roast beef
the fences
the roads

what's going on
men on horses
the politics
the press

shit schools
the kids
the brilliant kids
look at us now
celestial balance

ass over tit
the wind
where’s it from

five minutes
when’s the rain
ten minutes
big bloody storm
fifteen minutes
we agree

Kit Kelen #1332 - over our heads 2

over our heads 2

for godsbother

eyes upward to wonder
was what my father had
thought of prayer pointed like that

all a question towards hope
and can’t be for yourself
but you get to visit the silence

he said certain naïve things
and this encouraged me

mysteries are all we hold
why rocket ship?  why car?
It wasn’t always
then war
why love?
a question is my joy

steam seems to flow
through a shadow the sun casts
but this is the dust in fact

some were born to the business
and also serve who wish

there was always a sadness I couldn’t know
begin with a loss but can’t pay it on

and up above so high
in the rigging, say
was sometimes rain obscured
stars fell, a comet stuck
like time still there
we never once caught on

good doubt – the kind I profess

with a vengeance
like the weather

and so gives rise to superstition
princes of it preen
but know no more
than how fear’s made

I honour the mystery
it has no book

some of the words should be a puzzle
we make them from the world

bird sat in a tree for telling

in the garden for a while then I was the sky
dream still in the pillow upstairs

it’s just out of habit I’m here

Jeffree Michael #105 Lungs are burning

Imagine we knew 
for too long
something was wrong
Earth's lungs are now burning
alps become mush heat goes up
insects and ants invade tundra

corruption the game 
vegans are blamed
borders go up to shame
displaced refugees by boat
still more come by air
solutions evade politicians

people now see
where Woodstock was going
poets artists musicians activists 
kept singing a change is coming
you may say I'm a dreamer 
but life really is for living

the same wars keep raging
fuel and arms still selling
demonstrations raging
fascism is growing
hate speech defended
leader's insanity applause

trees and bees are vanishing
plastic and garbage 
a commodity 
smoke and drought 
now commonly 
stare back in our faces

desperately news reveals 
spins then fumbles 
online there's another warzone
confusion and radiation its cost
everything and nothing is lost
remember we knew 


Friday, August 23, 2019

Rob Schackne #987 - "Venus risen" (3)

Venus risen
above the trees
koalas fidget
for the moon
coming soon

one love
the night

the family
talks about
the wind stops
for a minute
light enough
to study what
went wrong

there are leaves
to munch on

Kerri Shying R # 656 - Jimmy the Rat

Jimmy the Rat
(For Spencer McGill)

fleas don't bite me anymore
I've blood   more made by Pfizer

than marrow

seen a rat recoil
ignore my warm and fleshy hand

to him

as boring as the woodgrain of the table
i am this     inorganic

large undead

he hit me hard  although it isn't as if
the critters think to

spite me

and while guests pack insecticide and
pets itch and need the brush I

sleep on

wishing to be less a vacuum more
arm in arm  linked up the same

in chain

Kit Kelen #1331 - every Bible is subtly different

every Bible is subtly different

for godsbother

someone lives in there
carries the tune like a roof overhead

a bearded vengeance
shrill regret
time is its own terror
all over the shop inside
I like golden

and love!
no one can remember the turns
how we dreamt and held
dreamt some more

often lost, forsaken

some are climb down from the family tree

then there are the voices of birds

many are the conquests
villages razed
the kids enslaved

false idols
will you worship me?

our enemies spring up
there’s no imagining them
good for a footstool

drop a few tablets
all magic to the melody
little angels are

here’s one spruiking the good news
and just for you this time – watch out!

I like the children’s brimstone and fire
cosy up with a vengeance
sweet dreams like a ladder
run up and down

let’s shall we take a peak
glass darkly

commandments from a mountain
prophecies pale thin air
yes, all the while a future guessed
and now the future’s come
recalibrate expectations

a church can be the book as well
done up in all the scenes
pulpit drones by, you’re away

ashes, dust, scabs, plagues assorted
winds you wouldn’t believe?
well, here’s what you get

once we were the smoke through the trees
all the one tribe

full of years
through ghastly dark
sun rises, goes down
and bottle green often
we see through the corpse light

no one lives in a museum
we till and the day goes under
so many inhabit the book
it’s where the ghosts have given up

perhaps you have flown before?
been saved?
resigned yourself to it?

this particular Earth is all stigmata
there is nowhere beyond the smoke of our trees
the first and the last
and come again?

we battle the bitterness
just to be ourselves
and by the book

how’s ours today?

it’s all the evil could ever be
just a manner of saying

thank God for God
but just one
a costume party

nothing is sacred in here

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Kerri Shying R #655 - doggo


look at you eschewing
that warm breeze

the eating of the grass    in wild
garden  seated on the worn wood

for this
old geezer on the chaise

your origami ears
say you never mind
what I wouldn't do
for you

Kit Kelen #1330 - sharing a cell with George Pell

sharing a cell with George Pell

for godsbother

a ceremony in these pyjamas

reach back into the dream and tug
gather up skeins
all sorts of self

I was on the machine
or in the way
I shared the criminal’s cell  

so sombre sad we were with guilt
and everyone innocent too

we were running a kind of a soup kitchen school

no one was singing
that was quite out

o what atrocities we did

so sure of ourselves
and nervous with it

part the sea of red and show
drown me a pharaoh would you

trick was how to handle the spoon
which was a bell as well

had to guess what was in the teacher’s head

what a sad sack in the cell
moves like stodge through the day
but he’s boss in a God knows silence

get a grip, boy
some others are dearly departed
now secret as the grave

that machine
it might have even been making the street
or digging for something lost under there

I climbed up like it was Santa’s knee

dreamt the whole thing
crime and the kingdom
God in whose beard I confess

clean shaven
still this and I’m still that

reach back into the dream
but you’re gone

life on a lie we all of us live
this is how it is to be here

in this country for old men
white as wishing is

the day where I woke was Spring

Jeffree Michael # On the steps of Babel

(so) It is to toil

Work a self-discovery
every high slippery
wall could have been the fall
hope only promises

some call it faith others true grit
or deals made between
each hand
look around
the non-sense of Babel
a kind-of truncating lens
every now and then seen real

uncoupled just long enough
to realise we're all here
a part of the expedition
roped together

up in the higher altitudes
inclement weather
crumbling footholds
don't make for easy travel
yet here we are
spread-out and yet tight
all eyes on the summit
homes away somewhere on the coast

wild grass dreaming
everyone loves a tumble
friends children elders too
enter darker nights accidentally

unexempted all this feels democratic
equality for one and all
revolution's a job
sane tourists look upon
the spectacle of it all
makes a movie
we finally understand
nothing comes easy

free money
no mystery
see history
the song remains the same

sitting down
stop seems to work
others go on and on
some fall back to sleep
got to do something
here on planet earth
other than climbing
to know what life is truly worth

break a smile
laugh you say
I could cry
this game seriously

like clouds will pass...

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kerri Shying R #654 - The interchange

 The interchange

maps    not ground
erased     my head a kind of
reclaimed island
sink the pylons
take the steps across the paths
familiar  searching for those
smiles    the slight uphills  scents
and traces of the once
the well-remembered
better     when you walk
with me

Rob Schackne #986 - "The day sings" (2)

The day sings
the sun blinks
behind the cloud

they say go
from manna
to messmate
take your time
koala says
you climb it

big survivor
a different tree
the stringy bark

bloody tall too
easier to say
than to do

Kit Kelen #1329 - a very average star

a very average star

second, no, third generation
no more luminous than

yet showed everything

spires caught bright
leaf through its colours
all kinds of wings propelled
and this writing

looked up to and often shielded eyes
we missed that star if it was gone

kept a candle in the window

we’re in the third row back
still smoking though it stunts

ancestry dubious in fact
no one really knows
hung around with dwarves
still does

in far reaches
who could have guessed
we run around?

it was so long till we spoke
let’s call it love where we were

there have
been intermittent bursts

few to worship lately
watch out for the flares

what they call a wind’s rather warm

think of it still, don’t stare

the shine will come off
there’ll be a big bust
then the whole family goes down
we burn

keep it together until

one owns things here
our numbers come up
the story tells

we are always coming to light