About this project

Project 366 is a poem-centric collaboration of artists and writers taking place daily throughout 2016. And why? Because poetry is a process, art is a process. Poetry and art happen because we do it, because we make the effort to make it. So the object of this project is not to create finished art objects on a daily basis; it’s to get work on the way every day. Project 366 is to encourage the everyday business of artmaking for those who work – however they work – with word and image. Some people will post only pictures, some people will post only poems or short prose pieces. Some people will alternate among the various forms of their practice. And some may evolve new practices over the course of the year.

There are no set topics or themes for the project but participants add a short draft work daily so that the possibility is always there for response and for a conversation in the work. The project will be blogged daily on the wonderbook and, from there, republished to other social media, for instance facebook.

Project participants have their own keys and make their own posts each day. English is the language-in-common of the project and translation of other-than-English works will likewise happen on a daily basis, so authors working from languages other than English will need to draft rough translations of their work each day too.

If you have any questions about the project or how it will work for you, please e-mail or fb message Kit Kelen kitkelen@gmail.com



    We're together in our / Nous sommes ensemble dans nos
    dreams because we are not yet / reves parce que nous ne sommes pas
    ready for what's beyond us / pret pour au-dela pour nous
    after two realities. / apres deux realites.

  2. and that was as far as Hamish was prepared to go


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