Monday, September 25, 2017

Rob Schackne #475 - "It's true that"

It's true that
dogs help you pay attention
cats not so much
heavy rain a lot

and all the bad things
that make us write
way too much
I suppose this is
like telling a joke
on your day off
the delivery
wait for it

Kerri Shying R # 326 - social


feel the bite            now   slide the mocking tongue
swallow              hold this in your heart             one two

electric insult                        some one unknown
aimed                 so aimless   strikes 

you where             the heart             the glands that make your spit
gush out             the tingling tip of tongue

what part of go            do
something else

fall flat

Kit Kelen #632 - my precious things

my precious things

are present to me

some highly strung
some hung
and some I am to pipe upon

all the years house won’t burn down
they gather, come to light

with them we sing a sun
moon melts

let me call them home
(I’m here!)

like crumb to rodent come
this scratch across paper
says I say

and I remember where things are
were left
then they are how the day’s divided

cloth cut to touch
a gathering
and orchestra

this is where the wonder shared
hallelujah to the chorus

creatures all concerned for me
as this picture shows

I, all ink with
nose pressed to paint

mostly among books I’m found
pretending till a garden grows

James Walton #74 Contracted out mail

A ute hangs five
off Sweeny’s bend
in mechanical contradiction

the flooded open palm
of river anticipates
patient as the Boatman

while Cliff’s toupee
by a once in a hundred years gale
arrives back in town

an unexpected delivery
of tumbled matting hirsuteness
now a dislodged umlaut

chased by dogs
pecked by maggies
claw flicked by cats

rests finally in the mud
at the RSL car park
stamped down the middle

not on the side

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rob Schackne #474 "Take deep purple"

Take deep purple
turn it into blue
sweet child in time
you'll see the line
the good and bad
a bit simplistic
but ballistics isn't

how you know
the blind men
will take their toll
shooting at the world
don't close your eyes
get down lower
remember the lizard

its fine green eyes
the ricochet
that sun

Kristen de Kline #149 That sun (again)

life's chilled he says
we sit out the back
smoking Winnie Blues
singing smoke on the water
fire in the skies

burnt and orange
we blow kisses
into outer space
watch six stars
falling   slowly
past the suitcase
on the empty road
out the back of Lawless

can you hear the shadows
singeing the outlines
of your apologies
like an old treasure map
no hidden gold
just one flash
now you're ash

can you see the shadows
sprinting   past
orange and burnt
shooting     falling
down     slowly

can you   
the wind   
that sun
can you

Kerri Shying R - #325 - Record of Interview

Record of Interview

they   always say    
the way     I was surrounded

I thought that     I would die   the guns drawn
get   out   of   the   fucking  car  mother   fucker
and that’s just 
how the cops talk   forget the desk men

so polite in air conditioned beige
the machines that vend the coke
the  chips 
that all swims back to view
much later              
the ERISP light
an eye              that waits you out
they always say  that god forgives    your

gambler’s courage    here
not the place      to play
            as the light sets solid to record
            fixate on the scent
of the last flower

that tree on your walk              it only comes out
once a year             just the week the street
from asphalt  shimmer            leaps to Shangri la
keep             it            on             your            brain
god forgives              the silence
            stay close
 to flowers

Rob Schackne #473 - Another Day In Shanghai

Another Day In Shanghai

for fucksake please
call it by its name
taking endless selfies
until a) you see the face
you had before you were born
or b) you recognise yourself
from a few days before

the knowing and confused
the smile and the scowl
cutie pie and hideous
sure it's who you are
or c) just save it till later
you'll see someone
exactly like you

Kit Kelen #631 - dusted done

dusted done

sun in first webs
pledge of spring
little birds tear through

and upside down birds hang out here
ride twig and leaf and sway

a Sunday of months persists

summer is touching
frogs are away

the printed circuit is a ruined city
it’s air rusts all ideas

I am little book lost
run in out of text

in the hum-through-here
I’m static

and the wind says fire
draws autumn on

I live in this delicate machine
do some miracles myself
grass grows over the workings

some days all of the weather will come
mostly though a wind so dry

winter is hiding
far in a tank
only September yet

these are not the real seasons
we have only guessed at the moons

when will we arrive here?
and how much will be left?

insects all begin to queue already
I am the skin to cross

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kristen de Kline #148 Shuttlefuck

thanks Samuel Johnson there's a word
for it   first it was the spinning wheel

of doom on the I-Mac   then the TV
on the blink   no it isn't the bloody batteries

in the remote   the blender croaks
two cans of Roma tomatoes fresh basil

and oregano stick to the metal plates
whir weirdly like a car out of gear

the job skills agency texts me
saying, I've got to make it in by 9 a.m.

to talk about jobs they don't have
the cat continues a marathon meow

scratches the carpet in three places
does a retaliatory piss in the linen closet

I bang the Roam tag on the windscreen
in the wrong place, horizontally not

vertically, so now they're over-charging me
like I drive a heavy duty truck

my trip to Coburg to see the shrink
gets re-routed down city lanes

express ways, "traffic is very heavy
forty minutes is added to your route"

the closest Subway doesn't make coffee
the 7/11 guy hasn't heard of a flat white

he offers up an instant something
in a non bio-degradable plastic cup

I throw the legal documents at my shrink
saying: here you go
tell them I'm a lunatic
throw them a daisy chain

it's a complete shuttlefuck

Rob Schackne #472 - "Baby please don't go"

Hiding nearly 
& drawing with stone
the end of the world
I thought I was alone
what you doing here
looking at me like that
baby please don’t go
colours all gone grey
a poem remains
arcs and sparks
the last 
an act of love
the wood is petrified
nerve endings

beneath the tree

kerri shying r # 324 - that sun ( for KdK)

that sun
(for KdK)

that sun             don’t you wish it hung
lower              within touching            space             wish
it had the power of a lover               to go beside
the burn            weeping sears             of blistered
skin            those rays            skirmish with the truth
of what you said             and where                 here’s proof of exit
brand it on your arse                        you are my sunshine
baby                           noon

Kit Kelen #630 - there are other worlds in us

there are other worlds in us

bed down
all broken
much as we fall to

how little few we see of much
but cast a light to live

it does us good to be

here we are
and I am too
don't have a home to go

this voice as from skies fallen
we must stretch to believe

wake to it all works
cling for a fact

adrift with
and swim through windows
all night waking
almost home

you find a page to write around
ladder down or up
- you're there

swim in the mirror
turn through the clock
flesh this world
be pointed of bone
be vessel

where now?
where next?
a chorus calls

you could be drowning
here's a hand
comes as through glass

frail with
how we're seen to be
with words

all proofs of
we so little in the know
must carry on with what

that category grows

this is my best doom here

be all aglow
let light

just said and fled to air
we fall away like treasures lost

drawn truth to truth and on

without which
why see stars?

Rob Schackne #471 - "Love a private message"

Love a private message

we declared one day
it should be louder

the dawn was coming
the bodies were electric
speakers were set up
at the corners of our poems
no one was left out
pride gay or otherwise
love free or otherwise
fifty years transmitted
the pick of anything

except hostility 
now more bad wires
than grandmother's house

sawing on her double bass
grandmother let's talk
we are immaculate
we'll never be silent
yes fuck the wolf

Friday, September 22, 2017

Kit Kelen #629 - first lit

first lit

for Anna and Peter in paradise

ridge high
and hauling up the morning

for some of the tree-between is blue

calls are all through it
each is a singing we-are
first lit

watch lichen rock
cliff left
moss run dry

all rise
and no one weary with yet

nothing said
even buzz-by-ear
spring insect does

and later bees swarm

it's vine tangle
dew moist underfoot
first lit

wings catching sun to turn

it's Gymea height of lily

it's kangaroo paw
not crimson quite

and the animal herself
all fur first worldly
politely tilts a head
first lit

Kerri Shying R - #323 - surf the net

surf the net

you know how the tick
feels            small head stuck fast
bloated body             suckling at the
host blood            legs wriggle
beating             at
thin air

no pay wall can
pinch you  at the  torso  pull
the thorax      take   
a minute of the time
we have
 together   surf
 the heatwave
 ride me

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 322 - on the clearnet

on the clearnet

peer             scrolling touch pad
blink             and you will miss me

on the darknet             I am 15
on the footpath nearer             30

all things taste the same  keep
on eating   hard   looking for some

spice  a land so far away from home so far
from you

Kristen de Kline #147 Forget the hour

Forget the hour
I couldn't get out of

the carriage on M Train jammed
the cowboy was talking

     about   writing 
     about   nothing

rain falls
shit happens

you toss and turn     and
turn and toss     walk

the streets for money
talk shit to White Kings on speed

and Red Queens coming down
a bad batch on the Golden Mile 

pass me a handful of codeine
pour me a glass of wine   

forget the hour
we all got stuck in, suspended

between poetry and madness
steel-toes kicking at the front-door 

look up   there's a sun out there
won't you come   wash away the tears

did you say the sky looks dead
won't you come
do a runner
dob him in
are you

look up   there's a sun out there
won't you come

Kit Kelen #628 - right on the nose

right on the nose

great forces at work
and up inside
fires of dragon for instance

lungs a long way

one each they are
and missing is horror

at the sides a finger taps knowing
wise nostrum in there

hear swallows behind
a snuffle and blow
bushman's is best

let's not forget nose clothes – the hanky
mainly they are naked though

go to the grindstone and peddle the thing
maybe you'll see sparks

there's a constant hum here
must be bone behind

where the breath begins
ends with a start

it does stop this thing, in the end
wait days and then it's on the nose

isn't this what's in others' affairs?
take the narrow edge, creep along
bring the vessel in

between breaths
mere edifice
and might as well be stone

it was in ancient times
a sphinx and roar

flare nostrils
paw the dust to charge
it gets right up mine

and I've been pollinated too

bring me spray will you
days runny

here's where centre earth journey must commence
I want to see the map

but mainly what's in there's unknown

a bloke named Smokey
might miss septum

it's odious there at times

a finger approaches
and not to point
sometimes up to the elbow in

and why? what is the goal?

say itch but not
it's clarity!
a passage salted
for a conch of sea

pinch another's – pure delight
and playful rub
be Maori

and so you've come a little

with gods it's this way worlds begin

come a long way with this thing
squeeze to make the funny voice

hunchworthy instrument it is
ahead by one and on it too
and past the post
it's this we have followed thus far

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kit Kelen #627 - in a library

in a library

all sorts of

stairs lead up
lead down through

of course a magic forest
a factory for rhymes

walls and ways through
there isn't a blank page

but the snow hut is waiting

is it an empire or a ship at sea?
just the idea gone mad?

there's the left hand of the thing
reverent nod, old faded facts

there are some books you can see right through
I hope that every day there are more

there's book under book and a shelf above
I have been fired out of a cannon
and the clock folded in around

I came to be the question
all the answers have to be
what a weight!
what struggles!
what a price they pay!

I borrow as much as I can

now and then succumb to sleep

you can only read so much into things

we look for everything in here
for a way ahead
for love

how small a place it is when we vanish
how little we are to go

in these books
carry me
further and always further
to where
I have to be finding
my home

Kerri Shying R - # 321 - Houseworker


one of me             gets an enema before breakfast
just remember             take the empty microlax
from the cistern tank    welcome Monday  light

swarovski crystal                bedroom window
sends in rainbows             where the clothes fell
in the night hasty with seeking out completion

sentience stalks             all the versions of myself
I do their laundry I know them all too well  and
how much sleep       with what ease     where these laughs

James Walton #73 Potter's Wheel

I saw you straight away
although you had to point yourself out
to the avid collector recalling years

you were always on my horizon love
like a maker’s relief embossed on an urn
the artisan ownership engraved

by an apprentice’s hand
how beauty is marked
by the young's flensing hope

cut down to the bone of broken despair
then braised for dyes to hold shape
in the overlay finish of earthenware

did I tell you I am awash with cracks
yet the enamel evokes a chrysalis
no matter how you hold it up to look