Sunday, September 4, 2016

Jeffee Skewes #31 Silk on the Road

Calm in mind
adventure in spirit
gratitude in heart

silk on the road

Image: Silk on the Road - installation maquette / desert sand rice paper silk synthetic polymer paint ink clay flower petals / jskewes

  • This piece concludes my Silk on the Road project. Thanks to all who assisted and who made many helpful and generous comments on my daily (31)  poems for this project. My next plan for Silk on the Road is to polish-up a publishable edition of poetic narratives with images of the same title and ...well who knows.
  • I really really enjoy 365+1 and hope stay connected in some way.


  1. Thank you. Your artwork is wonderful.

  2. this is gorgeous, Jeffree. I shall miss your wonderful work here. Thank you, from me too. I hope you stay connected.

  3. It was lovely to meet you Jeffree. Good luck with what's next.

  4. Great to read your work. Amazed that a month has passed.

  5. Thank you Myron, Efi, Mikaela and Susan (:


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