Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kit Kelen #739 - the line for a walk

the line for a walk

went on
was listed missing

a brush with colour
might still be on the level

something lost along the way
rattles on

a dawdle, doddle
whisper thread
of conversation
or argument
set out

like a lipstick riddle rim
come smudge, leave trace

then ink to swim
or roll a ball along

sometimes at a jog
trot, gallop, gavotte
trace waltz
until elliptic

stitched wound
strike the strings

go barefoot
tow the line

of waves, in brine
(the line in straitened circs)

and where the mind went – notice

how it never came home again

thin blue
'from where to where?'

something along these lines

and off the rails
one parallel won't meet

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