Friday, January 12, 2018

Kit Kelen #741 - balancing act

balancing act

a first touch
is like lightning grounded
tells how I conduct

tribe of who's in the picture
see them all wave
it's with me in mind

braver at a certain place
and tenderly
the carrying is all across

we stand
as if a dance might take

the work to begin
is a body

and trip fantastically till lit

call the weather to me
tell a grief again

then come to first truth of the work
its thingness now time piled
to sing

it's pointed
so we're bound to hear

a population of the remembered

so many truths by whom we are chosen

when you say soul then something misses
keep the heart in mind

as if we were leafed through

read me

all in the picture
found themselves there

it's not as if there were a scheme
but history admits us
to the world we're wielding now

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