Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kit Kelen #818 - poem in the stillness

poem in the stillness

nothing to see here
sky in the blue

a world in the welcome
paint soaks up the wall

you and I - slaves
to the seeing in words

so free

the forest in the garden
the kingdom in the book

all in the day and stars in reach
web in spider yet

the hearth in the fire
and winter inside

victim in venom
bulb bathed in light

the castle in the highest tower
proceedings in the lull

shirt, socks, duds
all outside in

a voice in the calling
a face in the far

mansions in the humble shack
window in the glass

eyes reflecting others
a corpse in last cough

tree in leaf and root
flower in the bee

the worm the plough forgives
and the knot above the sword

a misery of sinners here
crime of the scene itself

a witch and wizard in the spell
the bed that's deep in love

single rose in which breath gives
the wings all full of flight

open a window
birds will sing

the story in the truth
and the moment in this age

and memory beyond us all
an ocean in the rain

it's into a corner of sunshine here
and so we come to light


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