Friday, March 30, 2018

Kristen de Kline # 190 Still in Berlin (1)

we fall in 
   and out
of Berlin, and - - - -,
tears us apart

you buy a brick
I barter over a Stasi officer's cap

in the hotel room
   pushed together
   single beds
dubbed on German TV
we watch Queer as Folk 
the bite you make
leaves a heart-shaped stain
that weeps down my neck

bodies locked, you lead me
through the Tiergarten,   late
in the afternoon,    along
to the Brandenburg Gate
shadowed by the Ampelmännchen
their arms
around us,

we look up
at empty suitcases
//  like bombs  //
out of the skies

you say:
Marlene would have been touched

we fall in
and out
of Berlin, and bed,
and - - - -,
it tears us apart

later, much later,
we crank up the volume on Bowie:
where are we now?

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