Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Red Cone- Not adding up #340

not adding up

up to #336
now add 4
in 2018

twenty sixteen
three hundred and thirty six
add four
three hundred and forty
in twenty eighteen

twenty is red
sixteen yellow
then twenty sixteen would be orange

twenty is red
eighteen is blue
then twenty eighteen would be purple

three hundred might be blue violet (or cold green)
thirty six red violet (or warm green)
four blue
add four or blue
three hundred and thirty six
plus four blue
then three hundred and forty
is a warm blue (or blue green)

all the numbers
in the world were coloured
how many colours would that make

eat one red apple

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  1. Red cone, I love the chaotic nature of the numbers and colours all merging in and competing (for what?). I also adore the finish line - 'eat one red apple'. That nails it for me :)


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