Friday, March 30, 2018

Kristen de Kline # 191 Still in Berlin (2)

Still in Berlin (2)  (thanks to Lou Reed & David Bowie)

in Berlin, by the wall
you purchase a brick
I barter over a cap
belonging to a Stasi guard

it doesn't matter
that the dead chatter
I'm not listening     anymore

in Berlin, by the wall
I have no idea
how to find our way to Legoland
order a double shot
locate the big yellow giraffe
or which direction it is
to Postsdamer Platz

they say, you're lost
in time   and me,
they say, I'm walking
the dead    or are the dead
playing me?

the day you left  me
I sat on the pavement
with an empty suitcase
I traced subway routes
I couldn't follow
on the fold up Berlin map
at the bottom of my Fossil bag
I found your Euro Pass
along with your new gold pillbox
with the Brandenburg Gate etching

In Berlin, by the wall

     we never
     saw it

the day you left me
by the wall, in Berlin
I had no idea
what the fuck

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