Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kristen de Kline #188 Another poem about clouds, Berlin and you

the clouds gather
colour bleaches out

remember when we hit Berlin
I was shocked by the spectrum
of colour,   everywhere

I'd expected blitzed buildings
sepia landscape, monochrome ruins

you were talking about


did you need it    or did I

was it a gift   
or another straight-jacket,   
like remorse

clouds clear
in the morning

I down a third pint
from the sun

you watch
lights flash

today you ask:
do you want to run away to Denmark?

I throw my cherry Reds in the back-pack
you hit the all night foreign exchange

In Berlin all the cabs were Mercedes,
bright yellow       just like New York

the highways were nothing
like the old news reels, not
scratched          mercilessly

even the skies
were a dark grey shade
and the clouds,   deep
and purple      like runaway


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