Monday, October 31, 2016

Kristen de Kline #23 - Dark Dreams

dark dreams
stop making sense
if you don't wake up
if you let the phone keep ringing

dark dreams
stop making sense
when everybody carries a shadow:
blue lights flash,
illuminating the cul-de-sac
littered with wavering FOR SALE signs
grinding downwards
into the earth

you think you hear a van that's loaded with weapons
idling, gently
outside your bedroom window
you don't wake up
you let the phone keep ringing


  1. Ominous. I love how the repetition works in this.

  2. Very fine. Yes. We stop making sense at our own expense. Dark dreams indeed.

    1. Thanks Rob. I always like throwing a few lyrics into the mix so the Talking Heads 'Stop Making Sense' seemed to work with the dark dreams theme.


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