Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #299 - #303 The Sea

We are always trying and failing 
to write new poems about the sea 
but they have all been written before
and been mostly sunk 
in the greening deep

The sea is
an epiglottal flood
a snorting catarrh
a misting cataract across your vision
the sea is an infection in a fracture
an oozing effluvian wound
that needs salt washing
before it eats away

The sea grows in the belly swelling
spreads through the vessels to the nodes
it cannot be contained cut out or chemo-ed
and will get you in the end

The sea is old skin
pinch pleated
easily bruised 
festering beneath 
slow to heal over

Punch drunk and reeling
the sea swallows its own tongue

The sea is never happy
anxiety quelled
by obsessive and compulsive
washing and rewashing

The sea is vocal
all the sirens shanties and odes
are only air suck blown and redirected
through the conch of a shell sky
curled over a sea horizon

The sea is mezzo
the sea is baritone

Quite possibly this is cheating but I have been writing this one over a whole week and I am very keen to catch up!

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  1. A beautiful series and the sounds of the words are like the sounds of the sea. Not cheating at all.


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