Monday, October 31, 2016

Kristen de Kline #22 - Five blue figures

This one comes out of nowhere,
that's what the guy who wrote it says.

Nobody seemed to know what it means:
"There's five blue figures on a white circle" ...
... something about making arrangements, keeping each other in line.

'82. At parties you hear people saying:
it's based on numerology
five figure settlements
doodles on a note-pad
colour therapy
divorce lawyers
call centres

On You Tube you watch the scratched over clip of the Blams:
punk boys
dangling on a knife-edge

'82. Night before dole day, we raid the roach jar, roll-another-number
crank up 'Don't fight it Marsha' on the turntable
sit in the living room in Kilmore Street with the blackened out windows
as if we've gone back to the London Blitz
Does anyone get the lyrics: 'There's five blue figures on a white circle'?
Moira says she knew the chick it was written for, it always made her cry,
it was about her relationship
Then the skinhead, who ends up inside for dealing,
can't remember his name,
just the pet rat on the shoulder of his army jacket,
the birth mark stain strangling his neck
like a vicious love bite.
He tells us:
It's written by a punk who wants to write songs about the way we live
getting wasted
smashing cars
but they never go anywhere
so he ends up writing lyrics all about
                               household appliances

Nobody seems to know what it means.
Five blue figures on a white circle.
This one comes out of nowhere goes nowhere comes out of nowhere.

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