Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #290 Cloth

a lap for children
cover for bruised knees
pocket for wooden pegs
catcher of stains and tears
patchwork gala of pain
where the peels curled
you fronting up for work
fronting up for work
the tie tightened
hand behind
finger knot
here, where I hid my face


  1. This is a lovely meditation! Nice one, Sarah!

  2. Thanks Lucy. The picture is actually my mother's old apron. My sister and I recognised it folded away, torn, wornout, in a drawer. Quite a few tears this weekend. I was going to call the poem Apron, but the word was just too close to travel out into the world the way. XX

  3. it is the old flag of Domestica
    flying at world-upside-down


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