Saturday, November 12, 2016

Allison Morris #12 'For Henry'

The golden down above his chocolate eyes, 
imbibed with sunlight caught in morning play,
the darling brows, which twitch into surprise
each time I try and leave him for the day.

I love the lion arms, the sphinx’s pose,
the clicking steps which echo down the hall,
the patch of fur that’s darker, on his nose,
his condescension when he’s thrown a ball.

I love the silky honey-coloured ears,
Which twitch so sweetly when he listens hard,
The way, despite the weight of all his years,
He's still so rough-and-tumble in the yard.

My life is wretched when we are apart,
My darling boy, the master of my heart.


  1. Susan has written some beautiful poems earlier in the project for her dog, Freya. I think you would like them. I also enjoyed yoru delicate use of rhyme in this poem. Very pleasing.


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