Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Allison Morris #9 'In-Human'

Slinking, growling,
filthy, stinking- 
prowling, clawing, 
vicious and scarred.

Hatred is a wild dog,
mindlessly snapping,
foaming, irate, demented.
Howling and bleeding,
alight with violence.

In millions of hearts,
the dog could not be calmed.

Hatred won today.

The heart-dog is just a stray, surely
no one is born savage
and most dogs, with patience,
can be calmed
and tamed
and sung to sleep.


  1. hatred won today

    that pretty well sums it up

  2. Good one, Allie. The hate is so terrible.

  3. With patience... which is in short supply perhaps in our techno age


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