Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chrysogonus #84 - onomatopoeia before the storm

: before the storm 

which word sounds
the breeze prancing
down an empty road

or the leaves' slow glide
in a vortex of air
the moment before

they crash, swept
into windows, locked
in fear of the storm ?

: sebelum badai 

beri aku kata 
bagi tarian hawa
di jalanan sepi 

bagi lembut layang 
daun di peluk angin 
sebelum kedatangan

tabrakan tak terhindarkan 
dengan jendela terkunci 
atas kengerian badai 


  1. which word .... would be like asking which language ... do you mean you're seeking the universal language .... (given the results of elections here and there on the planet, I'm not optimistic about such a think ...)... all that remains is to wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart Chrys.

    1. my question here is for all the languages, Beatrice :)

      It's interesting to see onomatopoeic words from different languages


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