Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chrysogonus #88 - pocung

the last song ~

the last line 
in my longest poem 

one I will lose 
the right to claim 

it will be written 
on a seal of stone 

standing proud 
on a mound of earth 

stiff blanket 
for my longest sleep 

tembang terakhir ~

larik akhir pada bait puisiku 
tak digores pena 
terukir pada abadi 
nisan batu, menantang lembut udara

PS: the Indonesian translation closely follows the original format of Pocung song. Four lines with the pattern of 12u - 6a - 8i - 12 a. (12 syllables in the first line with u as the final sound, 6 syllables in the second line with as the final sound, 8 syllables in the third line with i as the final sound, and 12 syllables in the last line with a as the final sound)


  1. How beautiful in the form and the tone, too. Does anyone else think of Neruda?


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