Monday, November 14, 2016

Chrysogonus #89 - Jul in Malmö

Jul in Malmö
: December, 2015

in this northern land
first morning of Christmas

through the window
warm sunlight breaks in

no more snow in the garden
a dozen rabbits hop about

no sight of reindeer landing
tempted by the green grass

          it doesn't feel like Christmas 

my housemates in the kitchen
their woollen socks are retired

Merry Christmas before
an invitation to go to the beach

no strict order from my father
forcing me to go to morning mass

my body will not grace the pew
it will float on the ocean instead

          it doesn't feel like Christmas 

television in our living room
plays colourful scenes from Playstation 3

only a coat hanger at the corner
Christmas tree is nowhere to be seen

no carol sounds in the house today
only house music from an iPad 

pixie lights blink in the dining room
just like every other night

          it doesn't feel like Christmas 

until a hot plate of turkey
gathers us for Christmas lunch

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