Monday, November 14, 2016

Dan Disney #6 - streets of Hanoi


  1. Is there a translation? Health promotion or art?

  2. Yah, Dan, but it doesn't indicate much as a cartoon panel. The figures suggest that the miserable dark fellow shooting up in his penis is becoming maybe watched by a happy dancing skeleton. Can't read the caption but I guess it says something about Death. I also guess that the artistic dollar only stretches so far in Hanoi. Meanwhile the public health dollar successfully avoids the real origins of addiction, viz. stupidity, ignorance, greed and the love of power. I'll sign off now before my own public health dollar is stretched too far. Cheers. Rob :) P.S. Congratulations on a child to come?

  3. ... one of those strange moments we have when traveling: so many questions, no graspable answers, only speculations.


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