Friday, November 4, 2016

David Gilbey #7 Pseudepigraphs

... not quite sure what to do with these breakfast reading fragments:


Breakfast’s nine dishes at the Ueno Hotel: Yoshimasu Gozo
‘We moon after clarity as though it weren’t art’s least truthful construction.’

Translation shatters sound connections, misses performance gesture
growing new crystals from molecular fragments, hearing avant stacked chords

of, a poetry adrift upon the waves
moonlight slivers white peaches.

And Eric: lips touching the rim of the lacquer bowl while eating
Kiss the red open wound of the lacquer tree.

The small d of die and the small l of live are
ears of barley.

What Emily knew: I felt His Silver Heel Upon my Ankle
Then my Shoes would Overflow with Pearl.

Hawaiian proverb: a turtle’s offensive breath
breaking to a windy day.

At the entrance to the firecracker house, a sick silkworm, discarded
walking towards the white gate, holding white egg stones,
knees slightly apart.

And upon methought, The wood began to move the rivers
In the fields of Musashino: the hollows grown old –

crystal/emerald/dust made to fall.

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