Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lachlan Brown #8 Histrionic Repetition

Histrionic Repetition

      ‘But itʼs poetry really. Itʼs not really a—’ (Tim Storrier)

someone’s crying lord, someone’s pissing
the future away, someone’s flat-lining,
someone’s preparing a speech and kissing
a lipsticky future, someone’s stock is declining,

someone forgot to even participate, some-
one laughs with shiraz-stained teeth,
someone spills the wrong colour un-
der the table again, someone places a wreath

and within thirty seconds it’s covered in
offensive slogans, someone chants alone,
someone has to be the burnt offering,
after placing fake sirens in every home,

someone questions the function of art,
someone discovers a tiny beating heart.

NB: This poem is a response to Tony Curran’s drawing titled ‘just not enough blue to hold it down’


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