Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jan Dean # 16 A Fisherman Scare

A Fisherman Scare

It’s the view
you’d get in a mirror
if one fish, puckers the glass
in a sucking kiss. But it’s two, latching on
to each other. Don’t be fooled, they are
not the world’s great lovers
of the deep, they are
fighting fish.
Not the ones
called Siamese fighters
whose anger flares fabulous
colour variations and flowing tails, just
waiting to be torn, those elegant ghouls.
These are plain, the shape drawn
by children with simple scales
in overlapping U’s.
Sailors beware.



  1. I shouldn't have a comma in line 3, silly me. Thanks for your kind comment Efi.

    1. hmmm, I think the comma adds a certain unexpected something...think about it a bit?


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