Sunday, November 20, 2016

John Bennett #25 Tap dancing to Persia

                                                                        Saturday Night
Ask anyone up Harlem way
Who that guy Bojangles is
They may not know who's president
But ask 'em who Bojangles is . . . Dorothy Fields, sung by Fred Astaire (blackfaced).

They know now, president elect Trump, the word repeated ad nauseam. We are all playing contract bridge, we the white folks that is - with the most to lose and much more to gain.
Not a wossit, bundy, see
For jangle and bojangle.
Robert Wyatt, Alifib, Rock Bottom

Played 40 times in a row, the whole room stoned out of gravity.

Mr Bojangles
If you see any of those baggy pants it was huge chuck the hills
If you know it was a violin to be answer the telephone and if
anyone asks you please it was trees it it it is like that
Mr Bojangles, Mr Bojangles, I reach you. Christopher Knowles, Trial 1, Einstein on the Beach.

Mr Bojangles is repeated over eighty times and never boring.
Music heard anew, renewed through repetition - visceral.

Early Islamic artists used plants to create patterns
working repetition within a grid playing
with symmetry through rotation and reflection.
Isfahan again was well worth the risk.

Let’s doodle.


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    1. I saw him in London, he was organising a big band jazz festival but looked harassed, so I didn't go up to him - and say I was a fan. On Rock Bottom he uses his voice as an instrument in different ways - amazing


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