Sunday, November 20, 2016

Katherine Stuart Beach in the morning #20

The beach in the morning
walking the dogs
mirror-backwash painting them
into the sky and the sand--
the loved and beloved

The beach in the morning
opening the day
like a can of sardines
on dog-eared picnics made of sandwiches and tea
sun umbrella--
blood-red and faded
striped, strafed by the Sun--
twisted deep and hard
into the sand, a father's hand

Shaded and hatted I sat queenly
reveling in reverence--
the reign of toddlerhood

The beach in the morning
opening the way
to flecks of golden days
etched in memory


  1. Dear Katherine, Both wonderful. And 'dog-eared picnics' - I love it! (These 2 poems are so wonderfully connected, I wonder if they are meant to be incorporated?)

    1. Interesting that Rob! If you mean Heat and this one, yes, they were in fact originally part of the same poem - but I felt there was not enough connection - or that I hadn't successfully established a link. Dog-eared came from wanting something to convey that old feeling of memory - like the dog-eared pages of an old and much loved book.

    2. Sure. Maybe, But if you want to play around with it, Katherine, maybe do some tinkering - I reckon the lovely Heat part would be a perfect (and very justifiable) opening for the whole poem.

      I'll get back in my box now! Promise! :)

    3. P.S. The way I read it, there's definitely a hot sun/cool shade thing going on there in your poem.

    4. Thanks Rob! I might just do that, as that is actually how it came out.


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