Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 123 People what they do

People what they do

living fabric of all nations
that’s a world lived in by
sorts who show up in a country
with black hoods in kit bags
packed back home

they don’t bring along
a Singer sewer to
run them up in prisons
basting seams in bases
hemming holes in

Butterick pattern number
ground zero torture hood

us living fabrics say
nu-uh   this skin
of close fine texture
not the  future elephant foot storage for umbrellas
not your lampshade treatment

assert a personality     hard
  like people do
make our true copy
in our writing    yet
not to deviate from truth

do you remember

making bridesmaids bouquets
from lantana    yes me too
red-stained mouths   from blackberries

true copies of the mothers
come before us
stories running through
us     the ground  
our tales to tell

all fingers grip  the pen to
hand of this   uncertain
life   alone
a shipwreck made
a shore.


  1. Terrific. Verse 2 & 3 especially!

  2. Thanks guys I spent some time on my ending this time - and I felt happy with it for once!

  3. The contrasting imagery is stunning, Kerri


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