Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 130 Tinkertoy


Tradesmen of mortality
 dissect us    in a rage
unfinding there that quality
 of human

kindness    what the trick is
makes us tick is   among
 the gizzards weeping
not for

anything but
 failure    you achieve
in tonnage so    many more
unseen    tinkering
in frustration

than get caught
 than are seen    wet dreams
of a senseless world
may one day

leave me be
I see
a venus fly trap

see the fly know
we cry in
vanity   the nature
uncompelling     sour
the web    the fly
the bee.


  1. I sense a series / collection coming, to be titles

    'mortal tradesmen'

  2. well it is a trade, just ask Purana....


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