Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kerri Shying R # 139 Honey ( for Janette Hoppe)

( for Janette Hoppe)

Fuck why do I have
all these kids when all I want is peace

and quiet    terry robes
in hotel rooms and hours    wrinkling sheets

full blooms in vases
by the beds

not thrust in faces
sibling threats

fuck why do I have
this warm-footed bathroom talc walk

this oat bowl here again
again again

the honey of your arms
reminds me

why again

( this is the second of a series of ten poems where the first line is the first utterance of a person in my life - or wandering through it, for the day) 


  1. I suppose there'll be a temptation to have a 'last gasp' series as well, but not sure if that's as good an idea

    1. nah. I will have to be hammered into my coffin and the pencil nicked at the morgue Kit. I just needed an exterior premise for a week, too nervy! Scaring people....

  2. It will be a fascinating series. The alternate sounds good but I saw it the other way, not you in a coffin but others on their deathbed. Maybe there'd be a certain sameness though. Will we ever know? Nurses would be ones to enlist.


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