Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kit Kelen #314 - Reservatório, Macao

Reservatório, Macao

grey the smoke
that is the sky

green grey the water
cash across

grey traffic roar
chips of the casino grey

crane grey
and the pavement
clouded with

grey ideas
grey pain in walking joints
that's age

trees smog struck
need a wipe
shows grey under

grey the birds
that fly through this

grey reach of mind
world we've become

grey steps
grey scratchings of the pencil's stub

grey keys to grace the screen
grey characters to scroll

you'd like to click on an icon
bring it all out of the grey

to bring to life

but this economy
is grey

the nothing real here
turns all grey

it makes the neon bright

o grey hearts
is this your bliss?
can't we do better than this?

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  1. Hi Kit, clever-brilliant title! and ... remember .... I've said this three years ago... Macao: the Grey Epic!!!


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