Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kit Kelen #325 - I can't read music at all

I can't read music at all

it's like each of us
has a note to strike
and there's only a certain instrument
with which it can be done

for those of us
who play to make
it's so simple
what's required

you could spend a lifetime
looking for that note
or it could be a chord
or a cadence

you could fritter away
trying to find your right signature

or the pick or the stick
or the thing that goes dong

then there's working out when to join in
which bars are for rest

you see how complicated it gets?

which instrument is it after all?

how much attention is required?

when you were a kid
it was leaden lentissimo
didn't matter how many beats to the bar
you were always
wanting time to go faster

like the world was something
you'd like to wind up
sit on a bicycle
get it all happening faster and faster

you were the dynamo then

can't remember exactly when that feeling went
it doesn't happen so often now
that you'd want time gone
time out of the way

now it's hey presto
object of attention's lapsed

CARPE DIEM's in big flashing lights
which are getting harder to see

time is ever more precious
we have better equipment
in some senses at least

the flesh still has
devil of a job
but we have a better idea
what's to do

still it's mystery
keeps all in thrall

and this is what brings me
to the realisation

it's like each of us
has a note to strike
and there's only a certain instrument
on which it can be done 


  1. Wonderful poem, Kit, but then
    I wonder why I suddenly get
    this flash of an orchestra of fruit
    sitting on their chairs as
    the resident theatre cat walks past.


  2. guess it can't be helped
    I'm not that kind of doctor


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