Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kit Kelen #328 - lost


there's only a moment to catch at the detail
to know the house by heart

I can't even remember what it was –
the thing I was looking for in my dream
the thing I'd lost

something you misplace in a dream
shows up in the afternoon

remember that line of trees at school?
you could barely put your arms out
that was just last week

there are days on end
the line is gone
you feel like a fool to stand and call

time is folded into the dream
and sometimes it will iron out
sometimes it's drip dry

it goes the other way as well
the red king
and the candle
a lake of wax
and still not guttered

people find me in a dream
how did I get there?

sometimes we wander along together
then daylight comes into it
all the light bulbs pale

the place where I am woken
is never twice the same 


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  1. 'there are days on end, the line is gone'. Perfect!


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