Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kristen de Kline #28 - Lost Days

where did they go to
                   the days your youth the days
did they tick away
mulled seconds
dulled moments
did they
melt down
                slip away
                               fade to scorched earth
                                                                   less than zero
did you get caught up in a blizzard of ice
shadowed by a poor man
who couldn't stop shivering

were your lips and your fingers all blue?

it's not the first time
                    you lost days
not the first time
                   you lost your way head marbles
not the first time
                    you woke up in a burned out basement
                                        the full moon in your eyes

when you came to
                             the world had gone mad

America was being made great again
a man called Trump was building a wall
rioters were chanting in the streets: NOT MY PRESIDENT NOT MY PRESIDENT
people kept whacking on about a super moon you couldn't see
a dead man was offering you tea and oranges
rags and feathers, a bird on a wire,  a drunk in a midnight choir

when you came to
                            the world had gone mad


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