Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kristen de Kline #27 - Trumped

Fuck. This is so fucking awful.
Is it all a bad dream?
Red red wine
Had to retire to a big bath with tea and a joint
11/9 and 9/11
Holy shit
Amerikkka will implode
As if the world wasn't crazy enough
Canadian immigration website crashed. No kidding.
My kids just watched me cry over breakfast
God bless America and I'm an atheist
It's a cask of wine kind of night
Got my glass
Don't look at your Super
All of Australia is getting drunk right now
Except the Pauline Hanson voters.
They were already drunk.
What is wrong with these people????
Be afraid... be very afraid.
Death. Just seems appropriate today
No words
Where's the wine
Got my glass


  1. same feeling here, like a hangover ....

    1. Yes, Béatrice, it seems to be a global feeling as these quotes were from Facebook friends all over the world...

  2. Good one Kristen. I have a chocolate ice cream hangover. Great idea to get the quotes.

    1. Hope you get over the chocolate ice cream hangover. No wonder we all over indulged last night. Now for the morning after!

  3. Your poem sums up how I feel.
    The world has just become dumber and more cruel. Other politicians will start doing things the Trump way. Pass me the joint and a big glass of wine please, Kristen.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Myron, I would happily pass you a huge glass of wine and a joint! I think the over indulging is a communal response to such depressing and indeed horrific news.

  4. I met a man this morning who said he felt the same when Ronald Reagan got in....I'm too young to remember that...will it be as bad this time?

    1. Lucy, I do remember when Reagen got in (& also Thatchet in the UK) - I hate to say it but I get an even worse feeling about Trump. The divisiveness now seems even more dangerous then it did then. But hopefully I'm wrong!!


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