Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kristen de Kline #29 - half crazy

'we all have our story': I stole that line from Mikaela (#316)
she went to his concert alone
came home burdened
never recovered
was it deep sadness or sad deepness
Carol watched him perform in an all White Suit
when he still had dark hair
by the time I could afford a ticket he was gone

somewhere back in '79 in a grungy Grey Lynn house
you have a crush on a woman
        you know that she's half crazy
                maybe that was me...
his voice crackles along the grooves of the 33 r.p.m
the needle falters on the vinyl
somewhere between K Road and Ponsonby Road
we were rushing on a run blood was starting to flow
Powder Puff Salons Brethren Churches Higher Thought Temple Pink Pussycat Club
a bird on a wire
drunk in a midnight choir
wearing rags and feathers
hurling tea and oranges
somewhere back in '79 between K Road and Ponsonby Road
crushing, crackling, faltering
into present tense
she tortures my dress
              drowns herself in a pool

there's plenty of ash:
is it proof of life? is it poetry?
there's a crack in everything
             but is the light
                        sneaking in



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