Friday, November 25, 2016

Lachlan Brown #16 Non-enhanced Impact

Non-enhanced Impact

Yeah, weeell, after the appraisal, now I see. I
should have met more outcomes, right?
You know there’s this all-seeing KPI
that’s scanning us, Sauron-style, every night.

Don’t accidentally click on the ‘raise my
hand’ button at the wrong moment, either.
Otherwise you’ll get labelled ‘out of phase,’ I
found that out when I took a short breather,

and then got branded a ‘performance risk.’
I didn’t ‘own my conversation’ that day,
as it turns out. And yet here on the inactive list
there is a deep non-sanctioned calm in the way

nothing gets actioned, no one feels rushed,
no synergies get leveraged, and no bases get touched.

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