Monday, November 7, 2016

Lachlan Brown #5 File Print Email Burn Open

File Print Email Burn Open
Monday November, 7 2016

this message has no content, oh now
it does, and the info just spurted everywhere,
so thanks virus world, we provided our
details to enter a competition-nightmare

so that all our desires might just come true
or else never occur, and now google reckons
we want more pokemon-go stories where blue
team players get distracted while catching ekans

so that they step on actual deadly snakes hahaha
start flexing your infinite number of limbs again,
democracy, shout curses from the offices of npr,
unleash the elegantly passionate forces of instagram

(yeah we’re definitely trying to get them all disavowed
but there’s some error and nothing’s syncing to the cloud)

NB: This poem is in response to the following Tony Curran picture ‘I had a burger and curly fries for lunch today’

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