Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lizz Murphy - # 320: Head XLII. it had been in the weather

Media: Oil pastel & found text. Size: A6.


  1. powerful depiction of emotion — all these heads would be wonderful in a sort of montage

  2. Thanks so much Robert. I've always pictured them as a panel of heads (if I do anything) but your word 'montage' triggered an image of them as a large composite head (if it would work in reality). Will toy with the idea :)

  3. 319 looked simian whereas this head to me looks lost,anxious, suffering. I can't quite see a composite.
    I have a wonderful book (somewhere) of Giacometti's drawings of his wife's head, crosshatched, intensely worked. He said the universe existed in her face, though he spent half his time in brothels and bars.

  4. this head is in my head - they all get in, the buggers :)


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