Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lizz Murphy - Poem 326: Open the heart (Shibashi)


Raising arms (six times)

Mt Bobbara becomes golden
blue shadow streak each rock
etched into the horizon

Open the heart (six times)

out of the old
leaves shine lime
gum blossoms are
ruby pendants



Paint the rainbow (six times each side)

evening draws 
the edges white cockatoos 
separate the sky

Part the clouds (six times)

at the foot of Bobbara
a thousand trees the red tips
of new growth

On the first four moves of Shibashi, a T’ai Chi qigong form


  1. particularly like 'Paint the rainbow'

  2. Inspiring Lizz! I felt the tai chi from here!

  3. Thanx so much Robbie Rob Lucy Efi. Paint the rainbow is a bit gorgeous isn't - followed by separate the clouds - I always imagine that's clearing the clouds away so the rainbow is still visible (yknow after all that painting phew).


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