Thursday, November 17, 2016

Magdalena Ball #3: Reverse Hallucination

Reverse Hallucination

It was the most familiar circumstance
you eating toast with marmalade
drinking ginger tea
the balmy deck
what we might have called ordinary

there was a beach
because there is always a beach
the ocean at its edge
that slightly overcast weather
and empty

this is what we chose
the meeting place
when things got rough
a sensory disorder
autonomous sensations
created at the point of disintegration

when I reach for your hand
I smell salt
connect with the table
hand against picnic wood
splinter of pain: a link

eyes watering through
sea spray aerosols
ocean life, bacteria, phytoplankton
cold, not tears

time passing is
a seagull caw
the break of waves on shore
shore on rock
day into night, and I laugh
into the vision

just as we planned it

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  1. A lovely simple way of being quite hallucinatory.


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