Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #316 Various Positions

We all have our story
it was the first concert
I bought a ticket to all of my own
and went to all by myself
Various Positions tour 1985
I was twenty and already a poet
with a liking for sad deepness
he must have been 50 odd
more or less the age I am now
I went home burdened
and with no one to share it
never quite recovered
isn’t it something to think of it
how you got shaped
by whom
with what words
somewhere I still have the program


  1. (The machinery is playing up. I post one comment, 2 words, and it is magically transformed into three!)

  2. This is stunning Mikela - just loved it. I've been working on Leonard poems for a couple of days now - none of them working the way I want them to then I read yours - fabulous!!!

  3. Good one! Where did you see that concert?

  4. Thanks! The concert was in Perth Myron.


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