Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lachlan Brown #15 Prophetic Fallacy

Prophetic Fallacy

‘No one has to re-invent himself at each new encounter with something different or slightly new’
(John Ashbery, Flowchart)

His thoughts become a malformed pretzel
or just the suit of a pretzel mascot, hiding a
real self somewhere underneath. I know! Let’s all
confess crimes, and then go on eliding the

differences that brought us together. Do you
bite your thumb, sir? Do you wear a Cossack
hat for artistic and/or sartorial reasons? FUBU
tracksuits will return, along with flack jack-

ets and Elvis wigs, mark my words, young man.
Just wait here a sec while I shake my fist at
those meddlesome kids and their lemonade-stand
aesthetic. We know your plans! We insist that

the government brings back ‘Military Service:
Times Infinity.’ Now that’s made you nervous.

NB: This is a poetic response to Tony Curran's drawing, 'Local Legend.'

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