Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rob Schackne #139, Mousai #4 - Euterpê


Euterpê with all the world’s flutes
Breathe in me the lyrics that mean something
When I am very bereft of sense, lost
In too much observation, unable to hear
What has suddenly come on me
What moment is always waiting

See the smallest corner and the joint
Hint of smile and next composure
The origins of how you feel before you sleep
The ships you sail on when you dream
Fortunately nothing is too small or too big
Otherwise I know we should disappear

Without pretension, sometimes it hurts
Without acting, that you are somebody else
And you know more than you do, unfreeze
The parts that you don’t recognize
Stretch out bent limbs, move to the fire
You know the shadows of the flame

Music is the fire hiss, crack and wind
Reminders of the terror of living without sight
Breathing with less air than a second ago
You go through your litany of blessings
One round, two rounds, three rounds, four…
Until prayer tells you where.


  1. Love these poems. I'll be posting something later in response.

  2. Almost every line is startling. The poem seems to open up then close in on itself.


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