Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rob Schackne #141, Mousai #6 - Terpsikhorê


Yes, I’ve got the song and dance, watch me
We link arms, high-step, a-one and a-two
You just sit there happy and watch the pain
It looks so easy, doesn’t it, sitting down?
Terpsikhorê! And my ass sorer than yours
Cutting a rug is really cutting my shroud

It’s not really like that. The chorus always with us
Dancers are the wind who’ll dance when they will
Without any pause for the spoken word
Cycles of sound catching in the round
People moving their forgotten feet, patched
As the sun is setting, the breezes coming

There’s fire on the stage, nightfall
And more are dancing, there’s singing
Each old dance breaks into the new
The listeners cannot sit still anymore
Touching their companions, gazing into
What they know about the hurting of the world

Finally, we know stillness is a sham
Only the moving can be at rest
Arguing the distance, approaching the limits
Working with the broom and the shovel
Feeling the golden coin at their feet, lucky
That we found it there at last.


  1. as John Lennon reportedly said, 'as breathing is my life, to stop I dare not dare'


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